What I'm up to in the current moment.

Last Update:

February 12, 2024

What I do for work

I'm transiitoning careers from Procurement in Supply Chain to Web Development. I've been studying web development with a focus on front-end work since late 2019. Currently I am learning React/NextJS and mySQL via several projects as well as focusing on building my community on X, LinkedIn, and Twitch.

What I do for fun

Outisde of the work office, you'll often find me at my home officing coding or playing video games. My current backlog includes but is certainly not limited to:

I'm also an avid motorsport fan in general, especially Formula 1; This year I'm rooting for McLaren and Williams! I also co-host a Gran Turimo 7 stream with my brother where we commentate on races most Sundays.

Conferences I've attended

  • THAT Conference, Austin, TX 2024

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