What I'm up to in the current moment.

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February 26, 2024

Whats new

I am excited to announce that I am working on a couple of projects with some incredible people I met at THAT Conference - Shashi Lo and James Q. Quick!

Coming soon
  • NextJS
  • Appwrite
  • Tailwind
  • shadcn/ui
  • Storybook

Gridiron Survivor

This is a Football survivor app that I am building as part of a team being led by Shashi Lo. As a UX Engineer, I am responsible for briding design and code, creating the components that will make up the site.

Live link coming soon!

Screenshot of
  • NextJS
  • Xata
  • Sentry
  • Clerk
  • Tailwind

Deals for Devs

This is an open source project owned by James Q. Quick that is aiming to send deals and giveaways for developers straight to their inbox monthly.

What I do for work

I'm transitioning careers from Procurement in Supply Chain to Web Development and have been studying web development with a focus on front-end work since late 2019. Currently I am learning React/NextJS and mySQL via several projects as well as focusing on building my community on X, LinkedIn, and Twitch.

What I do for fun

Outisde of the work office, you'll often find me at my home office coding or playing video games. My current backlog includes but is certainly not limited to:

I'm also an avid motorsport fan in general, especially Formula 1; This year I'm rooting for McLaren and Williams! I also co-host a Gran Turimo 7 stream with my brother where we commentate on races most Sundays.

Conferences I've attended

  • THAT Conference, Austin, TX 2024

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