Weekly Summary: 6/20 - 6/26

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Weekly goals review and setting

Welcome to a new series I want to keep up during my focused stints of coding and learning I've entitled "Weekly Summary" - very creative, no? I actually used to write a similar post previously on DEV and really enjoyed it so why not start it up again?

These are meant to be quick recaps for what I worked on the previous week to help keep myself accountable. First, let's go over my weekly schedule:

Current Weekly Schedule

  • Monday - Thursday: Study from 6:00pm - 8:00pm-ish. I'll go until 9 depending on how I'm feeling.

  • Friday: Study from 1:00pm - 4:00pm I like to give myself more time to study when I can and working half-day Fridays for my regular job is a great way to get in some extra time.

  • Saturday: Study from 7:30am - 9:30am I give myself at least 2 hours on Saturdays even though I can often get in more time.

  • Sunday: Day off This is my day to recoup, get energized, and prepare for the coming week!

This all works with my personal goal of studying/coding 2 hours per day. I would love to do more but I don't have the mental bandwidth throughout the week to do more, typically.

So without further adieu let's get into this week's recap!

Weekly Recap

Monday, June 21st

I had to cancel my coding plans at the last minute due to plans being made for me, unfortunately. As much as I try and control every part of my day that is very much impossible some days - especially when your brother is visiting from out of town.

Tuesday, June 22nd

I spent my lunch hour studying and reviewing JavaScript on Codeacademy Go as I had plans this evening with a friend out of town. It is unfortunate that this was 2 days in a row but sometimes that's how it goes...

Wednesday, June 23rd

Worked on my new portfolio site (coming soon) and write the outline for this blog post.

Thursday, June 24th

Continued working on my new portfolio site and decided to change priorities from working on 3 different things per week to 1-2 until my portfolio is complete. I wrote more about this on Twitter.

Friday, June 25th

Tried (and failed) to get a mailchimp plugin working on Coding Catchup. React and Gatsby are still new to me so I'm not feeling too down about this as annoying as it was at the time. Justin Juno sent me a blog post on achieving this that I look forward to using to get this done.

Saturday, June 26th

Worked on my portfolio site and decided to aim to finish it (for now) next week. After that I'm looking forward to getting back to Stephen Grider's "Modern React with Redux" course on Udemy and hitting it hard.

Moving Forward

I'm looking forward to finishing up my portfolio site through this week and getting back to work on learning React. I also committed to #100DaysOfCode on Twitter so if you're interested be sure to follow me there!