Taking A Break

Friday, August 30, 2019

We al need break now and then...

Hello, World

I'm still alive! I should have announced this prior to taking it, however, I am nearing the end of my week long break from coding and blog writing.

Actually, I've taken a break from email, Twitter, Coding, Blogging, reading, and really anything to do with web development. I'll dive into more on why in a future blog.

While I am itching to get back to it, I will give myself the full week (until Sunday) before diving back into things.

I've got to say, it feels like a hell of a lot longer than a week. I'm a little paranoid that everything I've learned will vanish in an instant.

While I know this isn't true I wanted to ask how you all go about taking breaks? How often? How long? What do you do in place of coding/reading/learning?

I'm looking forward to writing regular blog posts starting again, this Sunday!